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Jan 2020 – 9 Years of Century Battery Partnership!

Started 2020 with a bang! Proud to partner with the excellent and inspiring client team at Century Battery; Suresh Nanoo, Janice Tan, Abee Lim. Humbled to be recognised at the appreciation dinner as a key milestone in the 60 year history & credited with helping Century achieve No.1 status, with our customised CTML sales solution. Credit to the team that has worked hard over 9 years on this partnership, proving together that Century does ‘LAST LONGER!’

Mar 2019 – Malaysia Auto Tyre Industry

Strong client PARTNERSHIPS are at the forefront of our business ethos. The clever part of strategically mapping out how we will work together to create the very best retail solution for continuous SALES growth keeps our focus sharp. Working with our teams to operationalise this strategy into real action and measuring the RESULTS together is definitely the most satisfying part.

Feb 2019 – Malaysia Formula Milk Industry

We are proud to announced that we have partnered with a major Formula Milk brand in Malaysia for Learn to Earn and Retail Brand Advocacy Solution for 2019.

Jan 2019 – Indonesia Paint Industry

We are pleased to announced that we are continuing our working partnership by doing new phases of Retail Brand Advocacy Sales Solution for 2019 with an Indonesia Paint Industry.

Jan 2019 – Malaysia Auto Battery Industry

Happy New Year! A good start in the new year with more great activities to come. One of our Automotive client’s Trainer training the trainers. – One of our unique solution is the Learn & Earn phase which is implemented before the start of Brand Advocacy solution phase.

Dec 2018 – Indonesia Auto Battery Industry

We have just partnered with an automotive battery partner in Indonesia. Looking forward to work with them to grow more sales and build better relationships with their independent auto workshop dealers and car mechanics.

Dec 2018 – Indonesia Auto Lubricants Industry

We are proud to announce that we have added a lubricants partner to our Indonesia portfolio. This further strengthens our independent car workshop experience; on the back of other auto category products which we are partnering to-date. We are experienced in working directly with car mechanics and workshop owners to influence sales through our brand advocacy solution.

Nov 2018 – Malaysia Auto Tyre Industry

Recently we have just partnered with a top tyre partner in Malaysia. Looking forward to work with them to grow more sales and build better relationships with their auto workshop dealers and car mechanics.

Nov 2018 – Malaysia Auto Battery Industry

Another year of partnership with Malaysian Top Auto Battery Brand Owner, more to come the implementation of frontliner Sales Solutions at Dealer’s channel, engaging the auto mechanics directly …

Oct 2018 – Malaysia & Indonesia Paint Industry

Double good news! Recently our Malaysian #Paint brand owner has completed their #BrandAdvocacy Grand Prize Draw successfully with satisfying winners being announced. At the same time, our Indonesian #Paint brand owner have celebrated with their winners with prize giving ceremony after their Grand Prize Draw. Congrats to all lucky winners for your efforts to support the #BrandAdvocacy solution.

Sept 2018 – Malaysia Consumer Battery Industry

Malaysia team facilitated the Grand Prize Draw to pick the lucky winners together with our Malaysian Consumer Batteries partner as part of the Retail Brand Advocacy Solution.

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