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About Us

Renoir Avanza was established in 2001, and has rapidly grown to become recognised as a world class Trade and Sales Channel expert. Renoir Avanza helps clients increase sales and grow market share.

In partnership with  our Clients, we design, develop and implement customised and practical solutions, that drive consumer brands to deliver;

   – a measurable sales and market share increase
   – a return on investment


The principle driving our partnerships is to create a sales push, known as Retail Brand Advocacy, through last mile retail that will have a direct impact on the sell out & volume of brand sales.

This involves synchronising:
– product knowledge and understanding
– merchandising and in-store branding,
– pricing and margins
– incentives, rewards and motivation
to create a priority sales push ahead of competitors.


Our wealth of experience and successes has earned Renoir Avanza the reputation as the ‘go to expert’ in driving product sales in South East Asia

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