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Q4 is here & that means 2021 budgeting. A dreaded time for many…

But 2021 planning should be different, eye opening. If it is not then we are missing a trick. I am privileged to work with many consumer brand companies. We learn constantly and I am asked what others are doing. Along with WFH practices, covid-19 brought cost reductions. Not fun, but understandable. 1 by 1 the […]

Article: Looking Beyond The Obvious

This post was written by Renoir Avanza’s CEO Darren Kenneally in 2016: I remember in my University days in England, that Sales and Marketing was all about the 5P’s. That soon became 7P’s and I am guessing someone somewhere is currently developing the 20P’s of Marketing. When I started my working life I was soon […]

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